Dr. John E. Montgomery, II serves as pastor of the Greater King David Baptist Church located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Under his leadership, Greater King David has grown as One Church ministering in Two locations: the North Location, located at 222 Blount Avenue and the Inner City Location at 7305 Harry Drive. Dr. Montgomery is also the founder of the Movement of Christ Worldwide Ministries and can be heard ministering the uncompromising word of God on nine radio stations across two states and the Caribbean.

Calling Forth Your Harvests

As we bound into a new year, God wants to do something truly amazing in your life. It is my prayer that this resource will inform, inspire and increase the many types of harvests that you are deserving of and have not yet experienced. It is my prayer and desire that the wisdom and inspirations of God’s word will lead you into practicing these principles for profit and that the manifestation of your seed time will become more meaningful and rewarding. Pre-Order your copy today and unlock the knowledge and revelation needed to authoritatively Call Forth Your Harvests.

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